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ION Solar Launches ION Earth Program, Donating Custom Solar Systems To Homes In Need And Easing The Burden Of High Cost Utilities

By: utahlocalnet
Posted in: Local Business News
ION Solar Launches ION Earth Program, Donating Custom Solar Systems To Homes In Need And Easing The Burden Of High Cost Utilities

PROVO, Utah, Oct. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ION Solar, the nation's 4th largest residential solar installer, today announced the launch of its ION Earth Program and also the completion of its first project- converting a Habitat of Humanity home to solar with the donation of a custom, premium solar system. A single mother of three now saves money every month by powering her home with clean, renewable solar energy.

For every two megawatts of solar installed by ION Solar another home will go solar through the ION Earth program. The donation includes a premium, custom solar system in it's entirety, including permitting, a custom-designed system, and all premium solar equipment including top-tier solar panels and microinverters. ION Solar employees donate their time and expertise to install the system.

ION Earth works with partners like Habitat of Humanity to identify homes in need that will benefit from a free custom solar system. Habitat has helped over 6.8 million families in 70 different countries and 1400 communities since being founded 40 years ago making it the perfect partner for ION Earth.

"ION Earth is the incredible result of the many great things that are happening at ION Solar, including our success in spreading solar across multiple states, our charge to make the earth a greener, healthier place, and the generosity of our ION team and our desire to give back," said Jimmy Slemboski, President of ION Solar. "We feel a great sense of appreciation for the opportunity to help someone in need and the next project can't come soon enough," Jimmy continued.

Visit www.ionsolar.com/ion-earth to learn more about ION Earth.

About ION Solar

ION Solar is a premium, full-service solar provider. ION offers affordable solar solutions that give customers the benefits of solar with little or no up-front costs. Full-service includes a custom-designed system, all permitting, installation, inspection, and system maintenance. Using all premium equipment. ION's large install area covers Utah, California, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. Learn more at ionsolar.com.


CONTACT: Travis Thornton, 888-781-7074, info@ionsolar.com


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