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UtahLocal, PO Box 25665, Salt Lake City, UT 84125
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Want to contribute to UtahLocal's Box of Utah?

By: utahlocalnet
Posted in: UtahLocal
Want to contribute to UtahLocal's Box of Utah?

So, you want to contribute to UtahLocal's next Box of Utah?

Great! Any business, organization or artist is encouraged to send items to us for inclusion in the next UtahLocal Box of Utah. Send 10 to 25 items and we'll distribute them appropriately.

Your item will also be noted on UtahLocal.net, talked about on UtahLocalTV, UtahLocal Podcast and across our social media channels -- providing a great return on your contribution!

Items should be small enough to fit in a box with many other items. Perishable items must have a shelf-life of six months or more. (Spices = yes, Cookies = no). Feel free to promote your business, but you'll want to offer value while you're at it. We want to put smiles on faces with your products.

Being a part of an upcoming UtahLocal Box is a great way to start people talking about your business! Subscribers will be encouraged to share the contents of their unique boxes on social media, so your items will be talked about all over the web on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and everywhere else. So be sure your item is something people will want to talk about!

We welcome things like:

  • Handcrafted items
  • CDs, vinyl, download codes
  • T-shirts and other apparel
  • Decals, postcards and other printed items
  • Books
  • Edibles, spices, mixes and other concoctions
  • Unique gifts
  • and anything fun, creative and/or uniquely Utah

Just call or text Bryan Baker at 801-510-6442 if you're interested in being included and to talk about what you might offer to make the next UtahLocal Box of Utah extra special.

PO Box 25777
Salt Lake City, UT 84125

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