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Scott has a deep passion for nature and capturing the beauty of the planet through his photography. Affectionately referred to as Scotty Sunflower Seed by those who have interviewed him, he has developed a stillness practice in his Sunflower Circle that brings about personal healing, awareness and and quiet reflection. Scott is committed to teaching others the power of being in nature, the grounding gifts nature brings to our hearts and how gratitude for the Universe can empower each person to live more connected in their everyday lives.


Category: Pets & Animals
Duration: 00:00:21
A Western Blue Jay partaking of the Sunflower Seeds I grew and share with them freely. They are so much fun to watch!
Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:17
A very personal offering today 12-14-13, it was 25 years ago today that the Man who taught me how to say I Love You, and mean it, passed from this Life. He was an example of Love, and Integrity in everything he did. And though like us all, not a perfect Man, his heart was good, and he loved his family with his emotions on his sleeve. This song was a favorite of the Love of his life, my Mom. She passed to join his side last year, and there have been many times this year where I have felt their Love and presence in my Life.

It was my wife Rae's idea to put my Art to this song, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner, but the time just wasn't right, now it is. I hope you can feel the Spirit of the music, and the Peace, Love and Comfort it conveys in it's message. The artist sharing this music is Kerrilyn Renshaw. I found it one day as I searched for the right version...this one includes sounds of Nature that fit perfectly with the message I would like to send.

Mom I miss you, and I Love you, take Dad's hand, and listen to it together, and know of the Love your posterity has for you both. Your selfless Love and dedication, have left a legacy of people in it's wake, who do their best to emulate the examples you both set for us all. Thank You, and We Love You, from us All!
Category: Pets & Animals
Duration: 00:01:07
I walked up to this beautiful spring to take some reflections pictures, and was handed a gift from the Creator...this Moose was feeding on the moss growing on the bottom of this crystal clear mountain spring. He let me photograph him for over 45 minutes.
Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:02
One year ago on the Fall Equinox two Soul Mates made their friendship a Divine Union! Rae and I were married among the Aspens on Sept 22 2012. Our paths led us in a round about way to where we were meant to be all along. Today as the Harvest Moon of this year comes, we celebrate our Anniversary together, once again among Aspen Trees, and share with you the Love we share with each other. This World we live in is so beautiful and wonderful if we take time to live in the present moment and pay attention to Nature in all of her beauty! May you find her Wisdom there as you seek to find what is as close as your heart. All You Seek is Within!
Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:00:39
I stopped to shoot photos in this meadow in the Uinta Mountains, and the sounds of the Frogs were so amazing I had to capture it with the surrounding beauty. This meadow is full of American Globeflowers open to capture the warm Spring Sun rays. A moment captured to share!
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