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Ancestors Antiques, 306 W 1240 S, Payson, UT 84651
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Antiques, collectibles, vintage to modern unique finds. I've always dreamed of owning my own company. My late father was a quiet, sweet man that loved yard sales, auctions, junkyards, flea markets and junking/picking long before TV made it popular. I gained my love of collecting by tagging along with him.... finding treasures, learning how to barter, and inheriting the controversial family trait of hoarding ;). My adventurous childhood combined with my fascination of history and relics of the past led me to my love of antiques. Ancestors offers unique, one-of-a-kind finds... antiques, collectibles and treasures. I specialize in a variety of collectibles, but seem to gravitate towards items I love personally. Of course, growing up in a small Mormon community in Utah, I lean toward pioneer history, artifacts and collectibles...hence they name of my company. I have key clients/buyers that request specific items and I love the thrill of the hunt to find that treasure for them. If I don't have something you want or need in my inventory, I will find it for you. I love "treasure hunts". I have a growing following of customers that share my love of collecting.... similar tastes in decor, style, and personality. From the curves and color of a piece of vintage glass or the intricate details of a porcelain German figurine to the rustic look of a wooden pioneer butter churn...there is beauty to be found in all things and I try to adopt that philosophy into my product selection. There is nothing better than finding that perfect you want to hold, touch, admire or explore. Each vintage item has a history, a story, and it's own beauty from it's humble beginnings to your collection. Antiques seen to almost have a soul....a hypnotic ability to invoke certain emotions of a by-gone era or the presence of the life of it's original owner...sometimes a sense of bliss, happiness or perhaps even melancholy.That iridescent piece of amber, green, or blue depression glass that reminds you of your grandmother; the hand-made, embroidered, maple wood pioneer rocking chair that resembles a chair that your ancestors carried across the plains on their trek west; to the quirky, retro, trip down memory lane with collectible games, dolls, jewelry, purses, or "one-hit wonders".... I can bring a sense of joy to you personally or as a gift for someone you care about. I love love love everything about the history of antiques and vintage collectibles and I hope my customers will enjoy the experience and find that certain item that brings joy to your life or simply finding that one item you absolutely have to add to your collection. If you have a particular item you are looking for, I can do my best to find it for you.... within your price range. The building of the Payson LDS (Mormon) Temple has inspired my selection of LDS collectibles along with items that reflect my beautiful hometown of Payson and the wonderful state of Utah. I hope you will look through some of the beautiful items I currently have in inventory. I regularly add new items when I find something that touches my heart. I ship anywhere in the US and provide discount shipping to the local Utah area. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream and passion for the beauty of our past.